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Oil Painters Materials List

This is the basic list for 'How to Paint with Oils'.  All levels Welcome. 

Note: If you are down for season and don't wish to purchase extended list, we are happy to offer supplies for small fee of $40.- in class, 16x20" Canvas included. (Brushes not incl.) Experienced artists you know the process.

New to Oils: A limited palette helps each artist understand color mixing. Our list is average size for convenience. List can be purchased separately, or in small kits of 12 colors or more. (will be close enough for beginners)

Overtime all oil painters find a palette which they like to work with. 

Eventually you'll discover different color palettes with portrait painting, landscape or plein-air,  abstracts, et.

Different subjects, different palettes.  To keep in mind, almost all of  the above can still be achieved with

Yellow, Red, Blue, Black and White. 

* Note: If you don't have all art materials, no worries. I have back up and you can pick it up at a later date.

Painting with Oils - Materials List: 

Materials list for Oil Painters:  PORTRAIT CLASS

* titanium white

* cadmium lemon yellow 

* yellow ochre

* naples yellow (optional)

* raw sienna

* cadmium orange

* cadmium red light 

* cadmium red deep

* venetian red

* burnt sienna

* burnt umber

* alizarin crimson

* permanent yellow green

* chrome oxide green 

* viridian  

* cerulean blue

* ultra marine light

* raw umber

* ivory black 

1 or 2 canvas (or canvas board) (portraiture: 16x20") 

charcoal / or pastel (to block in quickly)

8 brushes ( these can also be purchased in small kits) 

( more brushes mean less cleaning while painting, however, list can be reduced to half when starting out )

     2 round (detail, sm./ med)

     4 filberts (small, 2 med, large)

     2 flat (sm., larger)

palette knife (using for mixing and painting) diamond shape

disposable paper palette (or board with wax paper taped on)

linseed oil / and or/ fast drying gamsol (gamblin)


larger container for cleaning brushes

small jar ( or small double container) for oil & clean turpenoid

old rags ( and/ or paper towels)

handi wipes (for hand clean up)


plastic gloves for hands *optional

fast drying medium to add to oil paint. * optional. (We'll discuss various mediums during painting session)

Feel free to email or phone if you have any further questions.  Many regards, Denise


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