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Art Materials List:

Materials List for Upcoming WORKSHOPS, ACRYLIC Class, OIL Painting Class, PORTRAIT Painting Workshop.
Keep in mind we're flexible, I have backup, we can mix it and the art supply shop is next door.
If you are a minimalist: You can actually paint almost all paintings using just 3 primary colors+ white + black.
They are: Primary Yellow / Magenta / Phalocyanine  / Titanium White and Black :) (Great for travelers)

November : " Acrylic Pouring Workshop " - Nov. 16/ Nov. 23, 2019/  Jan. 26, 2020.
Saturday - 1:00-4:00. Fun & Spontaneous. All inclusive.
Nov. 16, 2019./ Nov. 23, 2019/ Jan. 26, 2020
Time: 1:00-4:00 / Location: Artist Nook, 45 SE Kindred St., Stuart, FL.
This workshop has canvas and all materials included. Just bring a smock.

December WORKSHOP: Painting Impressionist Landscape
DEC 14, 2019. (Sat.) 9:30- 4:30.    
If you are traveling, or just wish to have at it with acrylics, a kit of 6-12 colors will suffice for this workshop. Make sure you include rest of art materials below. This is a fun and flexible day course. For those of us using acrylics often - our paints are listed here..
You'll notice optional. Basically this wkshop requires only primary colors of Yellow, Red, Blue, Blk, White. Raw.Sienna.
If your concerned, pick only the * starred items.. C U Soon.. Thank you. Denise
*White - Titanium
*Cadmium Yellow light .
   Cadmium Red light (optional)
*Alizarin Crimson
   Quinacridone Magenta.(optional)
*Cobalt Blue
   Viridian Green (optional)
   Sap Green (optional)
*Raw Sienna
*Burnt Sienna 
   Burnt Umber (optional)
*Brushes: Varied Very Large 1.5 to 2" house paint brush. 
   Multiple artist brushes from 1/4" to 1 inch. Detail brush. 
*Kitchen Sponge
*Old wash cloth.
*Palette knife
Larger plastic spatula for texture * (optional)
*2 Water containers. (we have extra)
*Paper plates (with wax finish) or disposable palette paper. I have extra
*Paper Towels. I have extra
*Plastic Disposable Gloves. ( Can purchase online or Walgreens. Denise has plenty of extra )
*Canvas Size 24 x 30" up to 30" x 40". (Size is your choice)
* Photo will be supplied by Denise
* Don't have it - No worries. Denise always has back up on location.. :) 

Note: Travelers or starting out, often we purchase 6 or 12 Colors in a kit. That's fine and completes your paints. Please to include rest of materials listed below... For those of us using more materials - full list here.
White - Titanium
Cadmium Yellow light or primary yellow.
Cadmium Red light
Alizarin Crimson
Quinacridone Magenta.(optional)
Blue- Cobalt hue or Ultra Marine Blue.
Viridian Green (optional)
Sap Green
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Brushes: a small kit of long handled synthetic or bristle brushes. 
2 water containers.
Paper plates. (with wax finish) disposable/ (Or wax paper & tape) disposable.
Canvas - 

If you're traveling or starting out and purchased a kit with 6 or more colors then your paint list is complete. 
Please to include rest of materials below. For those of us using more materials - full list here.
White - Titanium
Cadmium Yellow light.
Red- Napthol red, or cadmium red  light.
Alizarin Crimson
Quinacridone magenta (optional)
Blue- Cobalt hue / or ultra marine.
Viridian Green (optional)
Sap Green
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber
Brushes: a small kit of long handled synthetic or bristle brushes. 
Plastic surgical gloves if you wear them.
Palette: Grey Paper Palette
Small Containers / for odorless thinner and oil.
Odorless thinner (Turpenoid)
Oil or media for mixing into colors.(Gamsol or linseed oil.)
Rag or paper towels.
Handy wipes for cleaning.
Tin foil, or plastic container, to put unused paint in for following week.
Canvas or canvas board

PORTRAIT WORKSHOP:  Oil painting..
February 8-9, 2020.   2 Day Weekend Painting Workshop. Materials list located on Portrait page.