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Working in Oils / Acrylics / Pastels / Watercolor.

The list below is only for Oil Painting Class. 

Oil Painters Materials List

Note: Nearly all the colors below can be combined with a limited palette of Yellow, Red, Blue, Black & White.

Colors below can also be purchased in kits of 6-24 colors.. Make life easy, and have fun doing it.

Painting with Oils - Materials List: 

Materials list for Oil Painters:  PORTRAIT CLASS

* titanium white

* cadmium lemon yellow 

* yellow ochre

* naples yellow (optional)

* raw sienna

* cadmium orange

* cadmium red light 

* cadmium red deep

* venetian red

* burnt sienna

* burnt umber

* alizarin crimson

* permanent yellow green

* chrome oxide green 

* viridian  

* cerulean blue

* ultra marine light

* raw umber

* ivory black 

1 or 2 canvas (or canvas board) (portraiture: 16x20") 

charcoal / or pastel (to block in quickly)

8 brushes ( these can also be purchased in small kits) 

( more brushes mean less cleaning while painting, however, list can be reduced to half when starting out )

     2 round (detail, sm./ med)

     4 filberts (small, 2 med, large)

     2 flat (sm., larger)

palette knife (using for mixing and painting) diamond shape

disposable paper palette (or board with wax paper taped on)

linseed oil / and or/ fast drying gamsol (gamblin)


larger container for cleaning brushes

small jar ( or small double container) for oil & clean turpenoid

old rags ( and/ or paper towels)

handi wipes (for hand clean up)


plastic gloves for hands *optional

fast drying medium to add to oil paint. * optional. (We'll discuss various mediums during painting session)

Feel free to email or phone if you have any further questions.  Many regards, Denise

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